Mia (mia_dcwut_09) wrote,

Not Again...

Oh no its happen again I've subcommed to another fandom...SHERLOCK! I had been hearing of how great the show is and one my friends said if I liked bbc I d like sherlock at first I didn't give it much thought since I was busy with school but I have just finished watching season one and I saw an episode they showed on pbs/kera sorry if this spoils anything I'm on my phone so I really can't do much but sherlock fakes his death not sure what season that is. Yeah well enough blabbing the point is I am hooked! I have no idea why I waited so damn long to watch. Now I just have to wait to get the second season. So the basic point of this nonsense post was or is that I have another fandom to add as I need more. SMH

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Tags: random, rant
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