The Depth of my Mind

List of everything my mind has let me created . (fics and vids) Vids will be put in order I made them not posted them. I am open to any suggestion for fics of vids if anyone has any.

One-Shots: Just One to let the Magic Roam Free
: Putting pieces together to create something magical...

series/verse: A never-ending mathematical equation...
one-shots: A instance where one + 1 does =1
drabble: No more than 500 to make a point...
Vids: Everything is numb3rs even editing...

Power Rangers
series/verse: Too much action for one-shot

One-shot: Not too much action just enought...
Vids:-Jump, spin, drop kick, edit...

Shadowhunters(The Mortal Instruments)

Teen Wolf


Series/Verse: Takes more than one chapter to tell the love story between two different worlds....
One-shots:One might have been just enough...
Drabble: Even with word limits, love is still shown....
Videos: Theres a fine line between love and hate, even in editing...


Shadowhunters Video: I don't love you... (Jalec )

Title: I don't love you....
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Media: Video
Length: Full
Song: Poison and Wine

Artist: The Civil Wars
Vidder: Mia (moonlightmina13)

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jace Wayland/Alec Lightwood

Summary: Jace and Alec try to deny their feelings for each other.

Rating: T

Warnings/Notes: dedicated to my best isaidthesparrow

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Hobbit Fanvid: I Loved Him (Bagginshield)

Title: I loved him
Song: National Anthem (Monologue)

Artists:Lana Del Rey
Fandom: The Hobbit
Character(s): Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins
Summary/Storyline: Years after the battle of the five armies, Bilbo tells the story of the man he came to love.
Spoilers: Battle of the Five Amries (Only if you haven't read the book.)

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Avengers Fanvideo: Someone Important (Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers)

Fandom: The Avengers(Marvel)
Media: Video
Title: Someone Important
Character/Pairing(s): Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers
Summary: Steve deals with the aftermath.
Rating: PG-13
Notes/Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer I own nothing.

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Merlin Video: The Notebook Trailer (g/l)

Fandom: Merlin
Media: Video 
Title: The Notebook Trailer 
Pairings/Character: Gwen/ Lancelot, Gwen/Arthur, Gauis/Alice, Merlin, Katrina/Agravine 
Summary: Society couldn't keep them apart.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Not really but I did use clips from S4 so if you haven't seen it beware. 
A/N: Done for reel_merlin film prompt: The Notebook
Disclaimer: I own nothing everything belongs to their own proper owners.

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CM: 30 Day Questions

See I told y'all I was horrible with keeping up with challenges. 

6. Favorite place the BAU has visited?
Hmmm now I have to think back to all the places they've been. I don 't think I have one so I'll go with any case that is TX related just  for showing some TX pride. I know I'm a dork but those are the ones that stick. 

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Not Again...

Oh no its happen again I've subcommed to another fandom...SHERLOCK! I had been hearing of how great the show is and one my friends said if I liked bbc I d like sherlock at first I didn't give it much thought since I was busy with school but I have just finished watching season one and I saw an episode they showed on pbs/kera sorry if this spoils anything I'm on my phone so I really can't do much but sherlock fakes his death not sure what season that is. Yeah well enough blabbing the point is I am hooked! I have no idea why I waited so damn long to watch. Now I just have to wait to get the second season. So the basic point of this nonsense post was or is that I have another fandom to add as I need more. SMH

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CM 30 Day Challenge

2. What season did you start watching?
I started watching technically in the fourth I had been watching the show off and on then my freshman 
year of college my sister and mother started watching it since we have Ion and it shows reruns all the time and thats when I started to watch it avidly which was during the 4th season. I bought every season since then and still do. 

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CM: 30 Day Questions

Totally stole this from avari_maethor

1. Favorite episode?

Oh that hard cause I have quite a few I have one for like every season but I love 5x09: 100 I totally cried for Hotch in that one I had one tear rolling down my cheek plus I just love how it was edited. Then its4x21 Ampflication the morgan/reid in that ep made me fangirl so hard, especially when Reid closes the door on Morgan, the emotions playing across their faces just made me X_X One of my favorite Morgan centric ep is 2x12 profiler profiled that background on him is great and I loved listening  to the audio commentary of it which had amusing commentary and made my fangirl of m/r grow. I also liked 4x20: Conflicted with Jackson Rathbone playing split personality character. I just love the whole "my name is amanda" and he makes a very pretty girl, working that mermaid dress. And in season 6 I liked 4x18: Lauren that ep directed by MGG was amazing and  I loved the sibling relationship explored between Morgan and Prentiss. 
 Yeah so as y'all can see I can't choose an ep. 

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