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06 September 2014 @ 02:43 pm

Title: I loved him
Song: National Anthem (Monologue)

Artists:Lana Del Rey
Fandom: The Hobbit
Character(s): Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins
Summary/Storyline: Years after the battle of the five armies, Bilbo tells the story of the man he came to love.
Spoilers: Battle of the Five Amries (Only if you haven't read the book.)

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Fandom: The Avengers(Marvel)
Media: Video
Title: Someone Important
Character/Pairing(s): Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers
Summary: Steve deals with the aftermath.
Rating: PG-13
Notes/Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer I own nothing.

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04 September 2012 @ 09:12 pm
Fandom: Merlin
Media: Video 
Title: The Notebook Trailer 
Pairings/Character: Gwen/ Lancelot, Gwen/Arthur, Gauis/Alice, Merlin, Katrina/Agravine 
Summary: Society couldn't keep them apart.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Not really but I did use clips from S4 so if you haven't seen it beware. 
A/N: Done for reel_merlin film prompt: The Notebook
Disclaimer: I own nothing everything belongs to their own proper owners.

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20 June 2012 @ 03:14 pm
See I told y'all I was horrible with keeping up with challenges. 

6. Favorite place the BAU has visited?
Hmmm now I have to think back to all the places they've been. I don 't think I have one so I'll go with any case that is TX related just  for showing some TX pride. I know I'm a dork but those are the ones that stick. 

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17 June 2012 @ 07:55 pm
Oh no its happen again I've subcommed to another fandom...SHERLOCK! I had been hearing of how great the show is and one my friends said if I liked bbc I d like sherlock at first I didn't give it much thought since I was busy with school but I have just finished watching season one and I saw an episode they showed on pbs/kera sorry if this spoils anything I'm on my phone so I really can't do much but sherlock fakes his death not sure what season that is. Yeah well enough blabbing the point is I am hooked! I have no idea why I waited so damn long to watch. Now I just have to wait to get the second season. So the basic point of this nonsense post was or is that I have another fandom to add as I need more. SMH

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04 June 2012 @ 06:42 pm
4. Favorite female character?
Hands down Penelope Garcia. I love how quirky she is, and apparently my family is always reminded of me when they watch the show and see her. 
I adore how she's always so happy and very eccecntric. 
I like her friendship with Morgan which I have notice resembles the one between mine and my best guy friend. 

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29 May 2012 @ 09:09 pm
2. What season did you start watching?
I started watching technically in the fourth I had been watching the show off and on then my freshman 
year of college my sister and mother started watching it since we have Ion and it shows reruns all the time and thats when I started to watch it avidly which was during the 4th season. I bought every season since then and still do. 

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28 May 2012 @ 11:02 pm
Totally stole this from avari_maethor

1. Favorite episode?

Oh that hard cause I have quite a few I have one for like every season but I love 5x09: 100 I totally cried for Hotch in that one I had one tear rolling down my cheek plus I just love how it was edited. Then its4x21 Ampflication the morgan/reid in that ep made me fangirl so hard, especially when Reid closes the door on Morgan, the emotions playing across their faces just made me X_X One of my favorite Morgan centric ep is 2x12 profiler profiled that background on him is great and I loved listening  to the audio commentary of it which had amusing commentary and made my fangirl of m/r grow. I also liked 4x20: Conflicted with Jackson Rathbone playing split personality character. I just love the whole "my name is amanda" and he makes a very pretty girl, working that mermaid dress. And in season 6 I liked 4x18: Lauren that ep directed by MGG was amazing and  I loved the sibling relationship explored between Morgan and Prentiss. 
 Yeah so as y'all can see I can't choose an ep. 

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11 April 2012 @ 11:04 am
Hey everyone who is on my flist just wanted to let everyone that if youu get an emails saying I need money and traveled somewhere please ignore I've been hacked and will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible
Thank you

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24 March 2012 @ 01:03 am
I just finished watching merlin 4x11 and can I just say I love the princess mithian she was so awesome. And she and arthur interaction were so cute far better and more natural than gwen and arthur in my opinion although my otp is forever more merthur. K so I just felt like giving my two cents!

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Originally posted by shanachie_quill at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by angelskuuipo at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by sionnach_ayame at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by atalantapendrag at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by ericadawn16 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by hoperomantic at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by southrnbygrace at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by ultra_fic at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by jesco0307 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by sheryden at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by meridian_rose at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by brontefanatic at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by philstar22 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by lk737 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Please repost this? I have never begged for one of my posts to be boosted. I am just so worried for my friends and want you to know.

According to this article, dated March 15, 2012:

"File-sharers, beware: By July 12, major US Internet service providers (ISPs) will voluntarily begin serving as copyright police for the entertainment industry, according to Cary Sherman, chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The so-called “six-strikes” plan is said to be one of the most effective anti-piracy efforts ever established in the US."

The article goes on to give details. After six notices, internet providers will decide to throttle a person's internet speed, or cut it off altogether. I don't know if they will crack down on torrents only, or if it is up to the internet provider. I get the sense it is up to the internet provider. So some people could get away with downloading non torrents, while others might get their internet service cut off. I urge you to click it and read, as we all know people who download.

No more downloading eps of your favorite shows for vidding, gifs, or fanfiction art. No more downloading screencaps possibly. I'm so sorry my friends. I don't even know if BT Guard will work to protect you, but I would google it if I were you. It is a professional service that supposedly can protect you from the invasive eyes of your internet provider.

Just, my friends, please make each other aware. Please be aware of the date JULY 12TH. Mark your calendar and double check with your internet provider by then. If you start receiving notices of downloaded activity, this is why. And your internet service could be throttled or cut off.

Fox news confirms this:

Youtube video explaining this:


ETA: Really NOW?!!!!

Media: Fic 
Fandom: Merlin 
Title:All I Want  
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Merlin/Lance(lot), Gwaine/Elena, mention of Morgana/Leon and Gwen/Percy, Arthur(sort of) 
Summary: All Merlin wants is....
Words: 2,158 (I went a little overboard sorry)
Notes/Warning: Modern, Fluff(ish). This is my first Merlin fic ever and  I know I know I totally betrayed my OTP merlin/arthur for  writing merlin/lancelot before them but yeah this couldn't be helped. Not brit-picked lets face it I do live in the states and I feel like I would still mess things up even if I did have a brit-picker. Hope y'all still enjoy this. This fic were influenced/inspired by two songs which I will post at the end. 
Beta: the lovely twilighthdfan, who on so short notice betad this things and sent it to me stat and my godsister, who although doesn't like slash can appreciate a good story (her words not mine lol) 
Written forbabydracky's Merlin's Advent Calendar 

There was something personal about....Collapse )
11 December 2011 @ 10:43 pm
So this is what happens when you have a country music fan and a Merlin fan. 
I recently came across this video and song by jake owen and started watching it and as I was watching it 
at some points I was like OMG Jake Owen kind of looks like Eion Macken, who us Merlin fans know was our amazing Gwaine, I'm not saying they look exactly alike just at some angles they resemble slightly and my mind just started going away from me as I kept watching the video. And I'm not sure if its correct but apparently I read someone that Eion names is pronounced somewhat like "owen" and I just started laughing to myself while i was doing one my projects for school thinking of the irony if how you say his name  is true. Now I might just be crazy(in my defense I was slightly sleep deprived) but what do y'all think? 

11 December 2011 @ 09:52 pm
I get emotional in a few movies but actually cry its very little but to me as kid and to this day
the Lion King when Mufasa dies and Simba is telling him to wake up, that part gets to me every time. 

Which movie always makes you cry?

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17 November 2011 @ 11:27 pm
Originally posted by dynamicsymmetry at Congress wants to take away your internet.
Folks, I know you're tired of me yelling at you, but you should be aware that there's a hearing this morning being held by the US House Judiciary Committee on a "copyright" bill that will essentially break the entire internet.

You like the internet, right? I mean, you're here.

From the link above:

As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs. In response, third parties will woo average users to alternative servers that offer access to the entire Internet (not just the newly censored U.S. version), which will create new computer security vulnerabilities as the reliability and universality of the DNS evaporates.

It gets worse: Under SOPA's provisions, service providers (including hosting services) would be under new pressure to monitor and police their users’ activities. While PROTECT-IP targeted sites “dedicated to infringing activities,” SOPA targets websites that simply don’t do enough to track and police infringement (and it is not at all clear what would be enough). And it creates new powers to shut down folks who provide tools to help users get access to the Internet the rest of the world sees (not just the “U.S. authorized version”).

This is being framed as an attempt to fight hackers and pirates. Don't buy it. And don't think for a minute that it's going to stop there. This is bad. And at the hearing today, only one opponent of the bill is being allowed to testify.

Please do whatever you can to fight this. Email congresspeople. Sign petitions. Yell about it in every venue you can.


22 October 2011 @ 02:29 pm


A03  Links 
Fostered- by rageprufrock
  Summary: It's obviously not that kind of egg. 

Carried in the Stillness- by LolaFiest (leon, lancelot, elyan/percieval, merlin/arthur)
Leon observes his fellow knights in the aftermath of a battle against Mercia

Sacrifical Lamb  by Ruronihime
Arthur's been overworking his knights, so they come to Merlin as a last resort.

Drastcially Redefining Protocol  by rageprufock 

Two Weeks Notice- by ras_ealsed, who seems to have deleted her lj account.
Summary: Arthur is a prattish Executive VP of the Pendragon Corporation with a disturbingly non-ironic love of Demotivational posters. Merlin is a tree-hugging barista with a "magic" tongue. Morgana's a peeping Tom and her breasts have superpowers. Gwen and Lancelot get married. Owain is the company bicycle. Arthur attempts to steal Merlin's affections from Will through epic DDR combat. Merlin gets drunk a lot. There is a pillow fight, and a helicopter ride, and rooftop confessions, and Arthur decides Merlin really is his destiny, whether he likes it or not.

So Are They All, All Honourable Men? - written by sepries Summary: Considering Arthur's future wife will be chosen less for compatibility than for her political value, Merlin may be the only marriage he'll have that won't end in bloodshed or a great deal of fortifying wine.

Others POV

Son-In-Law by by Tossuka 

”Your son is a major arse.”
”Who is this?”

”This is Merlin Emrys. The one who dated your son for four years, and I just called you to inform that your son is an arse and I can’t believe I put up with him all that time. Is it only him or is it some Pendragon thing I wasn’t aware of?”

kinkme_merlin Links 
Dandelion Snow written as a variation to kinkme_merlin #6 
warnings: somewhat dub-con. Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic and makes his move, unfortunately his actions aren't taken the way he hoped. 

A Small Step for Man  kinkme_merlin
Merlin tried to make male pregnancy happen.

Tall Dark Stranger'

Color Blind by anonymous written for kinkme_merlin - Arthur is color blind and can only see with  the help of Merlin. 
When Nature is in Balance 
warnings: mpreg -When Merlin becomes pregnant Arthur has nightmares of Merlin's death after the birth.

Dragon Fire

Random Comms 
all my last dances

Ain't No Fairytale Princess

Other's POV
A Pendragon's Heart (Is a Terrible Thing)a - Uther, merlin/arthur
17 October 2011 @ 07:08 pm


All I Want- All Merlin wants for Christmas is... (written for babydracky's  day 17 Merlin's Advent Calendar)

Media: Video
Title: A Walk to Remember Trailer
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Merlin/Arthur, Lancelot, Valiant, Morgana, Gauis, Uther
Length: Trailer (dubbing)
Summary:Two people with nothing in common had alot to learn from each other.
A/N: Trailer to my all time favorite romance movie and book A Walk to Remember using merlin clips. I'm still learning sony so until I get a better hang of it I might not do a legit fanvid tell then.

I was getting along with everything fine and then you happened....Collapse )
Media: Video
Fandom: Merlin
Vidder: Mia
Pairing Merlin/Arthur
Summary: The Proposal Merlin Style
Notes/Warnings: Inspired after reading For Worse or For Better by anna_zee

Some Proposals Change You...Collapse )
07 June 2011 @ 05:59 pm




The Proposal Trailer
-The trailer to the movie The Proposal Merlin style using merlin and arthur as the main protagonist
A Walk to Remember -  Merlin as Jaime and Arthur as Landon. I just couldn't help but use my favorite book/movie for these two.

27 February 2011 @ 06:42 pm
TwiTrailer: Toeing the line for starry_nights88  

Media : Video
Length: Trailer
Title: Toeing the Line/Crossing the Line
Song: Bring Me Back to Life
Artist: Evanescene
Vidder: Mia
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jacob/Edward, Bella/Edward, the cullens, the wolfpack
Summary: What  do you do when the line between love and hate is crossed? 
Warnings/Notes: Slash, this was made for starry_nights88  and her awesome story
Toeing the Line  and its upcoming sequel Crossing the Line

Fate crosses a line...Collapse )
The Muse Polyhymnia: Bring Me Back to LIfe - Evanescene
21 February 2011 @ 08:04 pm

Fandoms and Couples

charlie/colby-Honestly you have the whiz kid and jock of the team
Don/amita-To me they have more spark than charlie/amita, since the first season, I've liked them together. The little scenes they do share have so much intesity I cant help but to love them.
david/liz its somewhat pratically canon lol

Honestly, these two the love/hate relationship thats really romeo/juliet. Fire and Ice and everything nice.
They are so oppisite that they complete each other.
Don't know why but I do like them together.
Seriously I'm loving these two, you got the bad hot tempered guy and the quiet girl.Opposite's attrach She's his ying to his yang. Corny I know but hey i love them together.


Harry Potter
Probably the only canon pairing I really do like. They are just so perfect for each other and Ron always defends her.
You know secrectly they had a thing for each other.I dont like ginny and harry together.
Draco and Harry fit way better together.




Merlin/Arthur (This two are my OTP to the core for the show. Honestly they writesrs are asking for it. The epic bromance between these two is like one fine line away from total blown romance. it's meant to be.)
Gwen/Lancelot (they are just fucking adorable and lancelot kills me he is so damn noble. He is probably my top knight and he's so soft spoken, how I envy Gwen.)
Gwen/Merlin ( they're not by biggest favorite pairing but I thought they were adorable in the series then they had to mess it up with gwen/arthur, which are good but it seems rather forced. I really didn't see a progression between Arthur and Gwen much)
Merlin/Lancelot ( Idont read them so much but I do find myself reading some and watching vids for them )
Gwaine/Merlin (albeit I dont read them two together much I love the banter between these two and I actually like them as good friends but still hes a good person to make arthur realize who he belongs to)
Gwaine/Lancelot (dont ask why I've read a few fics that got me thinking)

Teen Wolf
sterek, scydia,peter x sheriff

The Hobbit

steve rogers x phil coulson
steve rogers x natasha romanoff (romanogers)
tony stark x pepper potts


04 February 2011 @ 04:03 pm
LJ is being weird so I'm posting the link from my

Media: Fic

Fandom: Twilight

Series/Verse: Bound  Ch. 9

Title: Changes

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Paul, Jacob, Seth, Sam , Cullens and the pack

Summary: Someone things about the changes that have happen.

Rating: T

Word Count: 7,561

Warnings/Notes:  Hi Everyone I know it’s been a year since I last updated this story and I’m very sorry about that but I’m school so I have very little time to write and the muses for this fic where totally getting off drunk somewhere which caused me to stuck. Thanks to xXFreedom-ReaderXx for reminding to put this up for anyone wondering how the pronounce  Yoali’s name, (yoh-AH-lee).   This chapter is some what repetitive but this chapter is very much needed. Thank you everyone who has been waiting patiently. Hope you guys like this chapter and for some I think I might have to run away from.

Beta: twilighthdfan 

Link to Chapter: 
"I can't you've imprinted...

Edited:I honestly dont know why lj wont let me post it on here for feel free to read on and comment on here


Media: Video
Length: Full
Song: Starts with Goodbye

Artist: Carrie Underwood
Vidder: Mia

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jacob/Edward, Jacob/Bella (I know I know I went against my belief lol)

Summary: Jacob has to say goodbye in order to move on.

Rating: T

Warnings/Notes: AU/AT,Slash, Het 

 Dedicated to you_ravish_me , who always puts up with my craziness and for twilighthdfan for taking on the challenge of being my new beta you're the best hon. also shout out for itslikenature  I know how much you love jake/bella and all though this isn't much of them they're in it lol.


Sometimes moving on with your life starts with goodbye.....Collapse )
The Muse Polyhymnia: Starts with Goodbye-Carrie Underwood